Here are some handy websites for you where you can take a look at different ferry services:

It is also a possibility to travel via Denmark to Sweden using the new bridge.

When you have arrived in our beautiful Norway the next distances and times should be taken into consideration.
Olso – Dalen 230 km circa 4 hours
 Larvik – Dalen 80 km circa 3 hours

Kristiansand – Dalen 215 km circa 3 ½ hours

All roads are easy to travel with car and caravan.

You have to take into consideration that Norway has many mountains which means that the maximum speed is between 50 and 60 km/h. Normally the roads are quiet, even in the high-season, so it is nice to just drive around and enjoy the surroundings.

Dalen can be reached via 3 access roads:
1. take the E 134 from Oslo or Larvik, than take the exit in the village Høydalsmo toDalen (*) this road has a steep slope, it goes 12% downwards on the end of this road to Dalen. After 4 km you arrive in Dalen.

2. take the E 134 from Oslo or Larvik ,than  take the exit in the next village  Åmot  to Dalen. So, if you don´t like steep slopes you can take this road.

3. from Kristiansand you take road 9 towards the north and then you take exit Dalen (road 45). (*) this road has a steep slope, it goes 12% downwards. After 4 km you arrive in Dalen.

(*) Normally this isn´t a problem. If it is necessary you can take a stop halfway the steep slope at a parking-lot. You can enjoy the nice view of the `Fjord` there. Try to slow down on the engine as much as possible instead of the breaks. Make sure you drive in the lowest gear possible and take your time. Furthermore it is important that your car is in good shape and that the weight of the caravan matches the capacity of your vehicle.

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